Note… Content and Design are related to each other. They kinda go hand-in-hand. In order to design, you need content, but in order to develop content, you need to kinda know what you are going to design. 😉

Design Concepts

During this stage we might design the look/feel of your site, and how features might be implemented in your site. There are a few ways to approach coming up with design ideas. Each project is slightly different and no one solution fits all projects. 

We might approach your project with different design strategies. If you want things to be done a certain way, then we can work together to give you the approach that works well for you.

  1. Wireframing (low-fidelity structure)
  2. Mockups and Styleguides (high-fidelity design)
  3. Live-Design (live-designing in WordPress… common)

A wireframe is a simplified black/white version of the basic layout/features of a page or website. It's a great way to determine the content and basic layout, without worrying about design such as colors and fonts. Wireframes are almost always designed in a design software like … not in WordPress. Using a wireframe would give us the ability to determine more complex layouts and features, without spending the time coding anything in WordPress

A mockup is a more refined version of a wireframe, with colors and fonts more specific. We might even design a Styleguide… to determine the fonts, colors, and other visual elements. Typically, mockups are designed in software like … not in WordPress.

I am using the term "live-design" for when we "design" your site in WordPress itself… ie, on the live server, or on my server. This is the probably the most common approach, since the "builders" we use (Oxygen, bricks) allow us to quickly design different layouts and elements. Fonts and colors can be defined… that can easily be changed as needed. This is often the  the quickest way to design… since you are building the site at the same time. But, we may not be as 

Creating/Organizing Content (Text & Images)


Getting Content to Me